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St Leonards Writers.




Rosamond Palmer, Chairperson, joined the group in 2011.  She has enjoyed a varied career including catering, acting, counselling, facilitating and writing.  She set up and ran KINN Theatre Company which toured shows and workshops in East Sussex promoting healthy lifestyles,  As well as looking after the money, she often brings along a cake.

Pat Cochrane, chose to settle in Hastings at the beginning of 2011 and is delighted with her decision. She thinks this area is a well kept secret with its stunning coastline, beautiful surrounding countryside and friendly people.  Pat divides her time between here and London where her children and grandchildren live.  


Trevor Palmer, no relation to Rosamond, is a new resident in the Hastings & St Leonards Area and joined the Writers Group in 2011. He has experience of the Financial Services Industry, Project Management and IT and is looking to add to his experience in the creative writing arena.

Christine Dale is one of the founder members. She loves arts and crafts activities. This now includes the challenges of creative writing.

Melvyn Grant is a well-known and highly regarded illustration artist, specializing in book and album sleeves.

Bill Stevens is an official Old Town walking guide in Hastings. He enjoys poetry and writing stories about the supernatural and science fiction.

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Rayne Hall is a founding member of St. Leonards Writers and took the role of Chairperson until 2012. She enjoys scaring readers. She writes subtle horror and outrageous fantasy fiction.

John Ballard, an artist, musician and writer, has always fostered a keen interest in all forms of art. He has worked as an illustrator and cartoonist and has performed as a professional/semi professional musician for many years.  Until recently, most of his written works were in the form of poems or song lyrics.  He joined St Leonards Writers in order to improve his writing skills, enjoy the company of other writers and perhaps, to produce a series of short stories.

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Daniel Robin Grady, Treasurer, Essex Man, war baby. Life time of various engineering disciplines culminating in thirty five years in the offshore oil and gas industry, North Sea and Worldwide.

Scuba diver, yacht crewman, car and motor cycle enthusiast, field sports participant.

Enjoys whisky and wine (too much).  

Janet Nott joined the group in January 2014 to explore a long held desire to write. She is delighted to find both the writing process, and the group, to be such fun.

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Mick Nurse started the St Leonards Writers’ group after a suggestion by Sylvia Bennett, the organiser of the Warrior Square Festival, and led the group for its first two years, then located at the premises of the Gensing and Central St Leonards Community Forum.  


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John Willans joined St. Leonards Writers in January 2015 and was amazed to find that he enjoyed writing short stories! Thanks to the support of the Group he has now written several. John is the Secretary of the Group for this session.

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Barbara Turner is London born and bred.

She discovered creative writing while completing an Access course at The City Lit.

Joined St Leonards writers in 2015 and thoroughly enjoys the company of this inspiring, talented and friendly group of local people.


Judith Everitt. Having been brought up in this area, Judith returned in the 1970s, having worked overseas in New Zealand, USA, Finland and Nigeria, teaching English.

Judith started writing verse in her thirties in the hope of getting her head clear. Still working on it!

She joined the group in the summer of 2015 and is glad of the stimulus that other writers provide.


Diane Perry moved to St Leonards from Scotland in 2007. She has had her work published in several Scottish magazines.

Not only is Diane is a published poet, she has had her travel articles published in national travel magazines.

Her work is inspired by the natural world, travel experiences and philosophical meanderings!

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Charlie Menzinger sadly passed away in February 2016. He was much loved and we miss him.

Charlie had been writing poetry and short stories for many years, often using elements from his long and adventurous life.


Jonathan Broughton: in addition to his writing, Jonathan is an actor and award winning puppeteer.

He has been writing fiction since 2008 and has published a number of e-books.